Your goals are our goals — we want to go deep into your business to understand its challenges and offer the best service possible.


We know our expertise at and stick to it. Our clients can always count on us and our results.


Years of experience help us in being efficient — we know how to close gaps and maximise resources.


Throughout our work and experience, we developed an optimal process of sales and distribution. The success of brands whose collaboration we are proud of gives us an additional boost and motivates us in constant tackling with modern challenges.

Presale distribution

Personalised distribution service tailored to your products and sales point. Our highly motivated sales representatives ensure maximised results for your brand’s sales. We offer a service of miscellaneous merchandise distribution with our 20 representatives in the entire country, while larger clients are taken care of by Key Account Management team.


Fibis enables personalised e-Distribution services via 1500+ terminals and integrated web solutions on the sales point location. Our solution for the delivery of electronic goods via POS device includes the option of top-up distribution and similar services. Also, Fibis solutions for POS or WEB terminal sales enable inbound and outbound traffic of electronic goods via standard web browsers — no need for integration of fiscal register or owning POS device.


  Automatic invoicing and reports via terminal

  Customer support

  POS terminals


  Daily transactions


  Web solutions on cash registers


On the spot sales

With over 50 vans, we execute direct sale on over 1600 locations. We successfully avoid OOS regardless of Croatia’s geographic diversity and versatile conditions such as high tourist season and limited-access islands. We recognise the importance of constant investment in new technology and IT solutions so we could offer the most advances business models, adjusted to newly rising trends and tech.

We especially like to point out our collaboration with Japan Tobacco International, started in 2011, whose share in tobacco market is now 17.6%. We also offer a large selection of tobacco related accessories in our on the spot sales.


  MIREO fleet system

Fibis vehicles are supervised by the tracking system which enables less cost, more security and efficiency of the fleet.

  Track & Trace system

As a tobacco product distributer, Fibis is in full compliance with with the EU directive on tobacco products tracking.

  Honeywell (handheld device)

A device used for on the spot sales with a custom app that helps with operational tasks such as:

  • tobacco product scanning
  • stock management and overview
  • EDI documentation exchange
  • returns
  • GPS tracking and location
  • visual documentation of product display

  Osapiens Movilizer

An app that scans tobacco products and knows where each single product item is located.

  Oracle B.I.

Business Intelligence tool that helps us get fully personalised and detail reports for user needs.

  Tobacco market share







In over 30 years of collaboration with international companies, we developed procedures that save your time and space. For us, logistics is a matter of being well informed and organised because it makes way for and optimised flow, from production to the customer.


A combination of our warehouse capacity with top-notch software solutions ensure you get the best logistical process with the lowest cost. Fibis has more than 9 000m2 of storage space at its disposal and a capacity of 6 000 palette slots in warehouses all over Croatia. The warehouses are equipped with the latest loading machinery technology and stand up to highest technical and safety standards.


  Service 24 WMS

Warehousing process is being run by a modern WMS system that enables full control over all operations, from the moment the goods enter until its departure. WMS makes sure the operations in the warehouse are optimised for speed increase, error elimination and minimising cost.

  Storage space

9000 m2

  Palette slots



Fibis’ developed distribution network helps your product get to its destination in the shortest time possible, regardless of location. There are more than 100 cargo vehicles that perform deliveries to the sales points and central warehouses over entire Croatia, including islands. There’s deliveries on more than 1700 locations a day.


  MIREO fleet system

Fibis vehicles are tracked by a vehicles tracking system to ensure safety and cost efficiency.

  Cargo vehicles




TMS system

Our integrated model of distribution, transport and information system enables efficiency in business and full control in real time for over 1000 delivery points in the entire country. With distribution services, we offer an all encompassing information technology service via modern systems and sophisticated business intelligence tools.



An app designed to plan and organise the work of sales representatives as well as profess tracking through a reporting system.

  WMS service 24

A system for warehouse management that enables control over all warehousing processes throughout all phases of merchandise treatment.


An app that enables import of orders, planning and optimisation of delivery routes as well as real time order tracking.

  Mireo Fleet

A modern tracking system for vehicle operation and location tracking that ensures cost efficiency and more safety.

  Oracle B.I.

A mighty business intelligence tool that gives out fully personalised and detailed report for user needs.

Fibis Mobile

In collaboration with A1 , our services are available in the area of mobile communication where we are positioned as one of the leading partners and distributors of electronic top-ups as well as mobile devices for businesses and private users.

A1 Shops

Fibis Mobile shops offer options of setting up all mobile and hard-line options offered by our partner A1. The shops offer mobile devices, accessories and a variety of gadgets by renowned manufacturers.

A1 Business

Fibis A1 Business offers business users mobile and hard-line services and devices by the leading brands in the industry. Our sales representatives are at your disposal.

  Business users department Zagreb

Pavla Lončara 1/D,
10290 Zaprešić

  Business users department Split

Sv. Duje 8,
21204 Dugopolje